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Garden of Grasses is a Web-only literary anthology which has been compiled and edited by Lucille Younger, Mary Lambert, and Alan Harris. The 330 poems, stories, and essays here (previously unpublished) were submitted by 43 authors from various parts of the world. The contents are indexed by title, by author, and by topic for your convenience. You may also read a short profile of each author.

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Left to itself, wild grass will grow, thrive, and die in unknown and unlikely places. Likewise, for a variety of reasons, many gifted writers find their work being read only by friends and relatives and then stored in file drawers for an uncertain posterity.

Garden of Grasses is a project to present previously unpublished literary gems so that they may have the readership they deserve. Garden of Grasses began simple and free-spirited in 1996, and has grown naturally (like grasses) in directions set by its contents, contributors, and readers.

Lucille Younger, Mary Lambert, and Alan Harris

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Charles Albano | April Ardis Anderson | Philip Bailey | Señor Bolsa | James Brittain | Amanda Burchfield | Sally Carson | Coley Couture | Gary Czerwinski | DarkEyes | Juanita DeHart | Kevin Drapela | Robert Esha | Linda Etheridge | Melissa Gammill | John Greer | Linda Dominique Grosvenor | Alan Harris | William A. Holt | Kevin Koh In-Chuen | Ken Johnson | Patricia Kelley-Bledsoe | John Kent | Mary Lambert | Joanne Marisa Leow | Wendy Loh | Barbara Lutz | Jill Moore | Jim Moore | Charlie Morgan | Beth Pauli | Clarence Pedersen | Lois Pedersen | John Pillsbury | Cynthia Proctor | Johnny Sorehand | Nicholas Street | Allen Thomas | Penelope Tippen | Gwendolyn Verner | Gayle Watson | Carolyn Willis-Smith | Lucille Younger

Charles Albano

April Ardis Anderson
(see more of her work in Heartplace) Philip Bailey Señor Bolsa James Brittain Amanda Burchfield Sally Carson Coley Couture Gary Czerwinski DarkEyes Juanita DeHart Kevin Drapela Robert Esha Linda Etheridge
(see more of her work in Heartplace) Melissa Gammill John Greer Linda Dominique Grosvenor
(see more of her work in Heartplace) Alan Harris
(see more of his work in Heartplace) William A. Holt Kevin Koh In-Chuen Ken Johnson Patricia Kelley-Bledsoe John Kent
(see more of his work in Heartplace) Mary Lambert
(see more of her work in Heartplace) Joanne Marisa Leow Wendy Loh Barbara Lutz Jill Moore
Jim Moore Charlie Morgan Beth Pauli Clarence Pedersen
(see more of his work in Heartplace) Lois Pedersen John Pillsbury Cynthia Proctor
(see more of her work in Heartplace) Johnny Sorehand Nicholas John Street
(see more of his work in Heartplace) Allen Thomas Penelope Tippen Gwendolyn Verner Gayle Watson
(see more of her work in Heartplace) Carolyn Willis-Smith Lucille Younger

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"The moment one gives
close attention to anything,
even a blade of grass,
it becomes a mysterious, awesome,
indescribably magnificent world in itself."
--Henry Miller

"Garden of Grasses" Is Now Complete

Three years (1996 through 1999) saw the Garden of Grasses site grow from zero to 330 selections (poems, short stories, and essays) written by 43 authors from many parts of the world. In August of 1996 Lucille Younger and Alan Harris co-founded this site, and after the middle of 1998 Mary Lambert and Alan Harris were its co-editors.

We have enjoyed making this previously-unpublished literary work available to the public. It was never fun to return some of the work submitted to us, since we've experienced the rejection scene ourselves, but we hope you'll agree that the work we have accepted and published is well worth your while.

We are no longer accepting submissions to Garden of Grasses because of the site's large size, but we hope that readers will continue to visit this anthology often for inspiration and entertainment. Thanks are extended to all of the individual authors who contributed their works to this collection, and to the many readers who have discovered it and followed its growth.

In December of 1999 we launched a new literary site entitled Heartplace, which you are invited to visit.

Lucille Younger
Mary Lambert
Alan Harris
Co-Editors of Garden of Grasses

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