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Christmas All Year Round

by Juanita DeHart
This day we all call Christmas
Comes so quick and goes so fast
But we can start our New Year
With a Christmas that will last

When gifts are all forgotten
And the wrapping thrown away
Let's give a heartfelt present
Of true feelings that will stay

Since arguments and grudges
We so graciously release
A twelve-month Christmas season
Heals the hurt with constant peace

The joyfulness can linger
When we take the tinsel down
Forgiveness can keep Christmas
In our spirits all year round

The warmth of friends and loved ones
Won't grow cold when candles leave
If we light fires of mercy
For our brothers to receive

The gift of understanding
Doesn't cost a single dime
By sharing blessings daily
Money won't steal Christmas time

A kiss so freely given
Underneath the mistletoe
Won't be withheld in summer
If all year compassion flows

And since we all like hanging
Ornaments on Christmas trees
Let's deck ourselves with kindness
As we make our aim to please

This holiday of beauty
Never has to dim or fade
But there's an honest effort
That must faithfully be made

The cheerful decorations
We'll display the whole year through
When the Christ wrapped up in Christmas
Is the gift we all pursue

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