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Charles Albano

Charles' poems on the Internet include humor, nature, ballads, science, parenthood, self-awareness, business and love.

April Ardis Anderson

April Ardis Anderson is a carbon-based 17-year-old windmill tilter and gregarious rapscallion enrapt in junk sculpture, theatre, ancient flicks, and attention-usurping parrots. Presently residing in MI.

Philip Bailey

Philip Bailey is an environmental consultant and founder of SustainAbility and the Buy Recycled Business Alliance. He is an accomplished public speaker who occasionally writes verse and stories.

Señor Bolsa

Middle aged romantic seeking to better understand the why and more positively choose instead of being chosen.

James Brittain

James Brittain, 43, is the father of two teen boys and husband of the lovely Brenda. Having tried many styles of fiction and non-fiction, he seems to do best with mystical/philosophical essays of a spiritual nature.

Amanda Burchfield

Amanda Burchfield is a 13-year-old eighth-grade student living in Fairbanks, Alaska. She enjoys writing and expressing emotion in creative ways.

Sally Carson

SMF. Searching for publication. Has many manuscripts needing good homes. Supportive husband and dog would like to see the manuscripts move, as new ones keep coming.

Coley Couture

Coley Couture is a student getting a head start on what will probably be a career in writing. His choice writings are poems and young-adult length mysteries.

Gary Czerwinski

Gary Czerwinski, a former English teacher in Indiana for 20 years, left his native state and profession to become a full-time artist. His paintings, photography, and original stained-glass works can be seen at his studio, 13 Hawks, in Douglas, Michigan.


Setiawati Lubis (F) of Indonesia writes under the pseudonym of DarkEyes. Having written poetry only since March, 1997, she is learning as she writes, English not being her first language. She is in business and self-retired.

Juanita DeHart

A single mother of one, grandmother of three, and caretaker of two snuggly snails, Juanita DeHart enjoys praying, reading, writing, calligraphy, and strumming the harp.

Kevin Drapela

Kevin Drapela is a single father of three, which he deems his greatest accomplishment. In moments when his heart overflows his being, he expresses it in the written word so the images can be passed on.

Robert Esha

Robert Esha is an 18-year-old film major at Columbia College in Chicago.

Linda Etheridge

Linda Etheridge is a published writer, residing in a quiet Connecticut town. She enjoys nature walks, jazz music and a good movie. She also enjoys reading poetry--Octavio Paz, T.S. Eliot, poetry on the Internet.

Melissa Gammill

Melissa Gammill is a college student, chasing a degree in Secondary Education-English. Her main goal is to later torment high school kids with poetry until they give up and agree they enjoy it as much as she does. She lives in Mississippi.

John Greer

While his income is from writing newsletters, house organs and flyers, John Greer's main interest has always been in writing poetry and short stories which employ satire and humor to fulfill what he thinks is a writer's duty: to make people think and laugh.

Linda Dominique Grosvenor

Linda Dominique Grosvenor is an author and a poet. She has been writing for over 10 years, and is currently in the process of publishing her first novel Sometimes I Cry. She has also published selections from her unpublished collection of poetry.

Alan Harris

Alan Harris, co-editor of "Garden of Grasses," has retired from a corporate Web development position in favor of freelance Web development and more time for his 37-year poetry-writing habit, for which no lasting cure has been found. He is a past president of the Illinois State Poetry Society.

William A. Holt

Bill Holt, 55, has made poems and stories, oral and written, since 1946 and has taught English at Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, since 1969. He is writing a horror novel set in and around southern Indiana's Lost River.

Koh In-Chuen

Kevin Koh In-Chuen is a pragmatic-idealist and escapist-realist, writes on the crests of the paradoxes that ripple across the inner ocean of heart and mind.

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson is a formulator of floor care products who lives with his family in southwest suburban Chicago. He has been writing poetry off and on for about 35 years.

Patricia Kelley-Bledsoe

Patricia is searching for the golden ring through writing. Living in Northern California, she writes for the home town rag and is working on her first medical/legal novel. A pleasant smile, sense of humor, and vivid imagination are her mainstays.

John Kent

John Kent is retired from a career in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He is a Marine combat veteran. He writes about war from a fighting man's perspective, and other subjects.

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert, co-editor of "Garden of Grasses," is a Jungian-based psychotherapist who has been writing poetry since 1992. In the past, she has done promotional writing in the fields of education and business.

Joanne Marisa Leow

Joanne is from Singapore but currently studying in Brown University. She loves music, singing and taking photographs of the sky.

Wendy Loh

Wendy is a Law student at her local university. She loves to write and has written several poems, short stories and plays in her spare time.

Barbara Lutz

Barbara Lutz lives in Illinois and has been writing poetry as a hobby for about 8 years. She dedicates her poems to her grandfather, the strongest man she ever knew.

Jill Moore

Jill Moore works as a customer service rep during her writer's blocks, or until it becomes profitable to work at her hobby of writing.

Jim Moore

Jim Moore is a cement finisher and computer hobbyist. He lives with his wife Jill and daughter Hannah in west suburban Chicago.

Charlie Morgan

Rev. Charles Morgan is a Southern Baptist Minister serving in North Carolina. "Preacher," as he is known, writes verse "when God gives it to him."

Beth Pauli

Granted, 20 years of life hardly yields time to go spelunking, survive a civil war, and study the classics, but Beth Pauli has experienced that beast known as Depression. Her writing serves as an outlet and an experience in itself.

Clarence Pedersen

Until his retirement, Clarence Pedersen was the Publications Manager for Quest Books, an imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House.

Lois Pedersen

Lois Pedersen taught in a Montessori School for 26 years. Now retired, she has been traveling to various exotic places.

John Pillsbury

Retired. First poem, 4/97. Lives in East Texas, way out in the sticks--some people call them East Texas kicks. He writes poetry just for kicks.

Cynthia Proctor

Cynthia Proctor would like to leave a gift on earth, a doorway in time through written verse.

Johnny Sorehand

Johnny Sorehand has spent his days as a factory grunt, truck driver, weed exterminator, cop, social worker, newshog, and his nights as an unconvincing dissipate and eternal scribbler.

Nicholas John Street

Nicholas John Street is an engineer from England. He is tentatively exploring creative abilities that were suspected of existing. He writes mostly from "here and now" experiences that have left a lasting impression.

Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas lives (with spouse) in the Southern Appalachians since 1982, having retired in 1994. Since childhood, he has had a great love for words, their sounds, their cadences--and a pressing desire to express a love of Life.

Penelope Tippen

At 24, Canadian born Penelope Tippen has temporarily suspended her formal education and now concentrates on a higher learning as she hones her writing skills.

Gwendolyn Verner

Gwen Verner is a "mature" college student in Chicago, having returned to the "halls of ivy" after pinning down a successful career in the medical industry. As is her female prerogative, she has changed her mind and now pursues the arts.

Gayle Watson

Gayle Watson is happily busy with family and fitness business in central Maine. She writes in her rare quiet moments and has only recently begun to share her writings.

Carolyn Willis-Smith

Carolyn Willis-Smith is a nurse specializing in Geriatrics, thereby realizing that life, indeed, is very, very short.

Lucille Younger

Lucille Younger is a writer and (aspiring) poet who lives in Chicago.

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