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Cast Shadow

by Beth Pauli
Cold--so cold.
Mug between hands
warming them.
Lean over--
steam melts icicles
on nose.
Close eyes--
you appear opposite me:

cigarette burning in ashtray,
one hand gripping coffee
the other thumbing through
Romeo and Juliet;
smile while skimming lines of
loves' first meeting.

Me crying alone remembering
that night somewhere in my past
so vivid--
I smell damp pages;
I hear your voice breathe life
into words of an antiquated love story;
I see the corners of your lips
mandate the marionette sparkles of your eyes
to dance as you speak.

Me then in ecstasy
heart beating as neon sign
flickers casting a pink shadow
through the window.

Me now in shock
staring at an empty chair
feeling my love for you course
through my body as
water through shattered floodgates
your obituary
fresh on my mind.

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