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As I Watch Life Pass By

by DarkEyes
I sit here in my solitude
And watch life pass me by,
Not sure I have the fortitude
To live or even try.

Attempt to look within my soul
To see if hope's still there,
But see a darkened empty hole
I'm filled with such despair.

There on the ground the pieces lay
Like shards of shattered glass.
On bended knees, my tears betray
My sorrow of life past.

I pick the pieces one by one,
The memories they bring.
The one of childhood, rainbow spun
How fast the joys took wing.

The hectic days passed in a haze,
The work, the babies' cries.
And yet I passed the frenzied maze
None that my heart denies.

Yet there amid the debris lies
A solitary piece -
The one I missed, to my surprise,
'Tis Love I can't release.

I slowly place it in my heart
And feel it start to beat.
It bids my loneliness depart,
My sorrow to defeat.

Your love for me has brought such joy;
Love's passion we explore;
Your tenderness my pain destroy;
Eternal love we swore.

For though the years have passed us by
You know deep in your heart,
This love we share we can't deny
Though we be far apart.

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