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by Mary Lambert

If I am the beneficiary of this
burning rod, and it was bequeathed
you from your mother and to her
from hers, how long has it glowed?

This legacy of fire, this pure, unadulterated
fate to carry this hot burden, to do my
part in the relay, has been the lead
play in my journey of life.

And what say you? Did you realize
your role and your piece of the relay?
When Grandmother escaped to the
New World, did some subliminal
voice drive her?

She made her mark, branded you
as carrier and I--I am the runner
who takes it the next rung to mystery
and transformation.

What is the goal? My sources say it
is one of a subtle infinitesimal balance which
neutralizes our tribe's dross chemistry into
geometric fusion.

Thus forming our ancient constellation,
will we each stand in our part of the circle,
knowing each other for the first time?

If you know, can you tell me--
perhaps in a dream--perhaps in
a poem or through an as yet
unknown connection?

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