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A Declaration of Dependence

by Lois Pedersen
When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for...
All peoples of the Earth to recognize the natural, binding imperatives of their common destiny on this Spaceship called Earth; that actions undertaken anywhere thereon inevitably have far-reaching implications at some time and place.

Therefore, this knowledge causes certain truths to be self-evident, that...
There are eternal laws or principles in the great scheme of the Universe (seen or unseen) that operate to correct and govern future results. It behooves mankind to delve more deeply into the unseen spiritual (or esoteric) realms of the natural life process. The quest for wisdom and truth is not only an inalienable right, but co-equally, the undeniable responsibility of all able human beings. Such rights must be protected by the governing powers.

I therefore, as a Representative of the United States of the World, do solemnly publish and declare that...
Full support shall be given to all individuals and group actions and intentions which promote and encourage life-styles directed toward the furtherance of peace, harmony, and respectful co-existence of all Earth's life-forms regardless of size or station in life.

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