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Noon Out of Nowhere - Collected Poems of Alan Harris

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3 a.m. stars were holding (Meteor Shower over Tucson)
5-7-5 form (Haiku Recursion)


A brief breeze pivots (Haiku Poems)
A cat is mostly yin (Animal Tao)
A departed one (Voice)
A dull red pencil (What the Pencil Says)
A falling fall leaf (A falling fall leaf)
A fecund soil-seed makes explosive blossom (Twenty-One Lines of Tree)
A flock of Canada geese (Interpreting Geese) | Audio
A Grand Unnameable (Down, Down in the Tao) | Audio
A hundred feet from (Falls Visitor)
A hush around the dying (Gathering) | Audio
A large bird alights (Two Birds in a Tree)
A lie is like a fingernail (Ninth Commandment)
A Mess (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
A new monarch (Butterflight)
A pit bull doesn't finish crossing your path. (13 Signs of Bad Luck)
A rocket breaking free (Outwhere)
A scratch-scratch-scratch (Yuletide's Deepest Bell)
A siren in the summer distance (Siren)
A soggy songbook (Haiku Poems)
A trembling in your hand (Beneath a Flirtation) | Audio
A vibrating soul (Enlightenment)
Above moving night (Haiku Poems)
Activity is a magic (Walking the Life)
After I came beginningless (War Baby) | Audio
After I had set up the bird feeder (Feathered Ephemera)
All gosh upmost joy she much so (A Younger Friend) | Audio
All roads out are blocked (haiga)
All roads out are blocked (Recourse)
Alone? (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Always, alwhy, alwhere (Healing Meditation #1)
America, while breathing gaseous skies, (America the Beautiful Revisited)
An exquisite calm has set in (Thanking the Sweet Silence) | Audio
An old couple (Restaurant Miff)
An ounce of silence is worth a pound full of dogs. (Short & Sour)
Ark of human souls (Seed Thoughts)
As a vaccer (How I Clean)
As I gaze nightward at our (Stray)
As one ages (Caregiving)
As the sun pulls up (Sunday Profundity)
At birth (Dressed) | Audio
At Christmas some will doubt (A Christmas Light) | Audio
At the far end (Door)
Autumn's puffy wind (Autumn Glimpses)
Awfully many poems these days (Poetry Poem)


Back of our house (Sentence)
Bearer is guaranteed (Poetic License)
Beginnings are awkward. (Notes on Work)
Beneath my friendly laugh (Introduction) | Audio
Beware, They warned (Bidentity)
Big Bang (Big Smile) | Audio
Black and green (Oaks Near Town) | Audio
Black night sky, speckled (Seed Thoughts)
Blackbird calls crackle random (An Evening Question) | Audio
Blend faith with impossible (Preparing the Colors)
Blessed are the shrinks (A New Beatitude)
Bliss without having suffered is a mental confection. (8-Word Basket)
Blurry smog feeds the morning sky gassy gulps as (Free)
Body and bed go soft. (To Sleep) | Audio
Books of mine (Library)
Boy, it's dark. (Santa's Interior Monologue)
Breath of a little whirlwind (Leaf Dance)
Breeze of Creation (Seed Thoughts)
Brooding dove in nest (Seed Thoughts)
Brutal ocean's roar (Haiku Poems)
Budding daffodil (Seed Thoughts)
Burrus was his name (Musical Mentor)
By the fireplace tonight (Fireplace)


Caged lion pacing (Seed Thoughts)
Came on a thread (Honored Guest) | Audio
Chicago traffic this morning (City Spill) | Audio
Cleave to none but the One. (First Commandment)
Cloud-layered sunset (Finis)
Colony of ants (Seed Thoughts)
Commuter train bears (Ride)
Crescendos of light (Haiku Poems)


Dad and we three boys (Dad's Henry J)
Days (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Dear dundering (To My Body)
December snow covered the ground (The Time I Was Late)
depth of azure sky (depth of azure sky - haiga)
Dickinson. Frost. Eliot. (English Teacher Unbound)
Did you every look deeply (Tavern Talk) | Audio
Do not kill. (Sixth Commandment)
Do you think this lived-in "Now" (Passing and Pausing)
Does evening raise a fear of no more dawns? (Relief in Relife)
Dogs fuss with their beds (Arrangements)
Dove rides windy wire (Dove)
Down below the library's (Sudden Entrance)
Down, down a humming spiral I float (Reality)
Downpour on the roof (Monsoon)


Each leaf is a life (Each leaf is a life - haiga)
Each path leads to another path (Paths)
Each star's faint twinkle (Haiku Poems)
Easter lilies gladden (Aroma of Duty)
Education (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Empty church: alone (Haiku: Empty Church)
Empty-feeling in this full-discount store (Shopping Cheap) | Audio
Every Christmas never dawned but (Every Christmas)
Excuse me, God (Excuse Me, God)


Father, Father, how can I hear you? (Father, How Can I Hear You?) | Musical Duet
Father and Mother are One. (Fifth Commandment)
Feathers up for sleep (Haiku Poems)
February seeds silently recall all (February Dreams)
first sun of spring floats (first sun of spring floats)
Five couples (Colorado Joining, 1995)
Floating on this inner river (Drifting)
Floral gatherings (From Beyond)
flowers stand sentry (flowers stand sentry)
Fohat plants a tree (Seed Thoughts)
Follow an idol (Second Commandment)
For this may God be praised (To Sister Marjorie)
Forest dawn reveals (Seed Thoughts)
Fragrance from flowers (As Below, So Above)
From heart of space (A Love Song)
From its western podium (One Glance)
From ego-egg of (Urge)
From the mantel, stockings (Christmas Awakening) | Audio
From whom does your life (Permissions)
Full moon through the trees (haiga)
Full moon through the trees (Illumination)


Gentle go the waves (Healing Meditation #3)
Get born (Nine Steps to a Poem) | Audio
Glued by gravity (Glued by gravity)
Gnarled persistent tree (Gnarled persistent tree)
God's spirit dwells (God's Spirit Dwells)
Grandstand at sundown (Grandstand Fantasy)
Gray old man shimmers (Haiku Poems)
Green groan of ocean (Haiku Poems)
Grief is a thief (Grief Is a Thief)


Half a cool moon (May Nocturne)
Happy so very (Easter Wish)
Have you ever heard snow? (Listening to Christmas) | Audio
He came home from school and slammed the front door (Ball Game)
He went to church one cloudy morn (The Only Christian)
Heavy bumblebee (Haiku Poems)
Hello, little man, what are you doing here? (The Child)
Her name was Mary (Mary and the Moderns)
Here is a chapel (Sanctuary Cove)
Here is who you will be (Briefing)
Here's to Blaine and Jean Harker, those lovable two (A Retreat Ahead)
Hiding (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
High twigs in the trees (Tree Choirs) | Audio
Honeybees from hives (Seed Thoughts)
How after a mostness of hurt (After a Mostness of Hurt)
How can I word it? (Death through a Peephole)
How do you cope with nopes, with fallen hopes (Sharing Copedom) | Audio
How fortune made us meet (Gifts That Stay)
How many skies (Counting to One) | Audio
How potent is the silent voice within the heart (Innerness)
How so up we go (Moodrider)
Hypnotized by young freedom (Freedom Grounded) | Audio


I (Bond) | Audio
I always thought that you (Absence)
I am nothing. I walk my (Saturday Walk)
I ask how eyes know when to wake (Just Asking)
I ask the autumn forest where (Asking the Quiet Fire)
I asked the blue sky today (Blue Sky in Buckets)
I bow (Prayer in Brief)
I cracked the sky (Crack the Sky)
I didn't want to have to want (Wanting)
I falt a wiggy sopsty (A Wiggy Sopsty) | Audio
I finger gently the meshy steel diagonals (Humid Evening)
I get up in the morni (Free Now)
I had been working at my computer (Depth Perception)
I have floated like a maple leaf (Safe)
I like it here. Nobody every telephones to sell me siding or insurance. (Messages from Beyond)
I rise to sleep (Turvy)
I saw a philosopher (Philosophy)
I saw a spider (Harmlessness)
I see you have been (Mother Greets Newborn)
I sing a song of joyous life (Symposium)
I slid downhill (Napping in the Flavors)
I soon must leave this earth. (Parting Words)
I spot a one (Ones)
I survey this rose (Rose Cross)
I wake to morning's (Keeping Here)
I walked with you today (Walk) | Audio
I was a boy farmer (Farmer Karma)
I wish you (Upbeat)
I work very hard and I tire (At Sea)
Icicle drippings (Haiku Basket)
If contentment is enlightenment, then a cow is Buddha. (Sutra Salad)
If ever rain should sing a hymn (Good Friday) | Audio
If I were to write about our first warm day of spring (Our First Warm Day)
If life is going well (No Darkness, No Diamonds)
If life isn't eternal, who cares what is? (8 x 20)
If one examines his own thought (Coming Home from the Parade)
If Oneness, why Twoness? (Divine Mischief)
If only it (Pain and Promise)
If only one rose (Roses)
If Santa doesn't have to age, then why has he become old? (Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas)
If the sun could speak (haiga)
If the sun could speak (Universal Questions)
If worldly searching brings no lasting joy (Come Home to Christmas)
If you have (Body)
If you have heard (The Sound of Dying)
If you walk through my neighborhood (Front Yards)
I'm only a guest here (Passing Through) | Audio
I'm so glad we know of (A Millennial Date)
In a house where Usually prevails (Pressure)
In my dream I hear (Haiku Poems) | Audio
In the humid stillness (Through the Center) | Audio
In the where of almost (A Meditation)
In this April Sunday (April of the Spirit)
In this shaky world (Sensing a Future)
In twilight far off (Haiku Poems)
Is a world felt (World)
Is is all biz (Kind of)
Is love a light beam we shine (Analogies for Love) | Audio
Isms (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Isn't it a bit odd that we humans are wondering (Intelligence "Out There")
It has been one of those warmish days between winter and spring (Across the River)
It is calm of times now (When Poems Are Still) | Audio
It makes me sad, or mad, or glad (I, Not It)
It's awful to get old, it is (Getting Old)
I've opened the curtain (Clouds) | Audio


Jazz is (Jazz)
jet lag of the soul (Free of Verse)
Just the finest trace of snow fell (Midnight in Midwinter)


Knowing is stowing (Ventilating the House of Knowing)
Knock—but look around— (Seeking)


Leaden clouds rumble (Haiga)
Leaden clouds rumble (Haiku Poems)
Let me guess (Bug in My Kitchen)
Letters to mail (Meeting) | Audio
Life after rollicking life (Unclosed Loops)
Like a demagogue (Like a demagogue - haiga)
Listen to abundance (Abundance)
Listening (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Living every hour (Karma Yoga)
Long after I have laughed my last (Looking Forward)
Long held, this cosmic date (Benediction for 2000)
Love of looks is love with hooks. (Aphorisms from "Poor Al's Almanack")
Love truth. (18 Rules)
Love's pure silver flame (Haiku Poems)
Love's pure waters (Seventh Commandment)


"Make us a tree," said the master. (Making a Tree)
Man is a handshake between spirit and matter. (Random Thoughts)
March rattling the windows (Letting Go)
May is most (May Opening)
Melancholy needs a walk (Night Light)
Metaphysical (Procession)
Middle (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Midnight crickets sing (Seed Thoughts)
Midnight will soon gift us with (A New Fading of Before)
Mind is empty now (Writer's Block Zen)
Mind relaxing walls (Seed Thoughts)
Moon-struck timber wolves (Seed Thoughts)
Mostly the world thumps as it revolves (Doing What One Can Do)
Mr. Forever tossed me out (Spin) | Audio
Mountain-top vision (Seed Thoughts)
mountaintop vision (mountaintop vision—haiga)
musical colors (musical colors—haiga)
My body is still (Haiku Poems)
My brown cow (My Cow, My Guru) | Audio
My first breath outside (Frozen Fantasy)
My horse and I are brothers (Plowhorse)
My soul is something like a train (My Soul Is Something)
My trusty train (Commuter Queries the Sun) | Audio


Near tilted tombstones (Haiku Poems)
New in a pink body (A Matter of Breath)
Night is where I mostly stay (Washing Windows) | Audio
No mouth big enough to say it (Word)
no smoke now rises (no smoke now rises)
Nothing but a precise (Confined) | Audio
Nothing got (Nominal) | Audio


O Lord, I don't know (Prayer of Unknowing) | Audio
Oh Nameless One (Prayer of Being) | Audio
Oh whilliker thistledown, angel-may-care (Experts and Folk) | Audio
On my electric wire (Itinerant)
One mountain to climb (Path)
open you up any thursday yes dare (thursday) | Audio
Opening lotus (Haiku Poems)
Opening their hearts (Opening their hearts)
Orange maple leaves (Orange maple leaves)
Orb of eye twinkling (Seed Thoughts)
Our charming corner church (To Rolla Swanson)
Our city's wild-haired prophet (The Prophet)
Our elm began to die that spring, slowly. (The Monument)
Our green earth is turning brown (Planting an Apple Tree)
Our minds (Tired Minds)
Our new world is coming (A Vision)
Our Origin (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Our ride (Graduation)
Our sun (Sun)
Our supper table (Two Haiku)
Out of the black smoke (Out of the Black Smoke)
Our village mystic, (who (How We Came To Know Truth) | Audio
Out through my train's (Railing West) | Audio
Overfull fountain (Mahler's 5th Symphony)


Pain kindly wakes up stupidity (Crisis--Its Causes and Effects)
Peach blossoms unfold (Haiku Poems)
Perhaps your mind, when still, has reached a brink (As Far Beyond As Here) | Audio
Pierce with pointed mind through veils of falsity (Penetration)
Place your center (What To Do)
Plan on being (Weather Forecast)
Please (Two Windows)
Please, come on in. (Storm Tea) | Audio
Pool-reflected Self (Seed Thoughts)
Pounding hammers sing (August Sunday)
Pulses of green life (Haiku Poems)
Purity (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)


Raging tiger eyes (Haiku Poems)
Reading an ancient (Find)
Remembering tells me (Remembrance)
Roaring punch-presses (Haiku Poems)
Room lights are all on (Recent Poems)
Round and round (The Wheel of Yes)


Seeking (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
seeming (needle's eye)
Seen through train windows (Haiku Poems)
Settling down to meditate (Silent Exchange) | Audio
Seven pearls glisten (Seed Thoughts)
Seven soft planets (Seed Thoughts)
Silent cathedral (Haiku Poems)
silent cathedral (silent cathedral—haiga)
Sitting by flowers (Sitting by flowers)
Sky (Five Definings) | Audio
Skyspread of stars (Stars)
Sleepless tonight inside my skin and bones (Night Thoughts)
Slicing the mountain (It All Rises)
Some griefs (Griefs That Stay) | Audio
Some kind of haiku (Some Kind of Haiku)
Some lucky ones have claimed (Angels of the Sunset)
Some say (Old Hair)
Some think they leaned upon a stronger will (On Leaning) | Audio
Someone or I built me a body (Lawful Body)
Sometimes I'm so full of good feeling (Overflow)
Song of Doubting Logic (Two Songs)
Soon after sundown tonight (Beauty)
Sooner or later (Sooner or later)
Sooner shadows now (September Fade)
Speckled night whirls on (Haiku Poems)
Spider in moonlight (Seed Thoughts)
Spirit and World (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Splat. (At the Abattoir)
Stark in winter's wind (Haiga)
Stepping through the front door (An Old Man's Fancy)
Step over here a moment, if you please (A Traveler's Tale)
Stravinsky's measured steps--halting by A (A Sonnet to Igor Stravinsky)
Suburbs (proud arks upon a primitive sea) (Deep Coffee, Alone) | Audio
Sudden silence is (Haiku Poems)
Sunday mind (Still Life) | Audio
Sunlight twinkles yellow (Love Is) | Audio
Suppose that (Suppose)


Tell me a secret of living, dear Mother (Mother's Secret)
Temple: none but spirit (The Builders)
Thank most you (Thank You)
The blue-black plate of sky (Juggler)
The campus seems all hollow (Alma Mater Revisited)
The company had sent its pamphlets on (The Tortured Joy)
The existence of Atlantis (Atlantis on My Mind)
The first says (Three Kisses) | Audio
The flowers bloom (Ignorance Implicit)
The listening sun (Haiku Poems)
The Name of Names (Third Commandment)
The nature of the forces which motivate a person (Suicide and the Agony of Separateness)
The seventh day is holy (Fourth Commandment)
The shiny car you drive is (Here and the Ground) | Audio
The sun is where (Two Wrinkles in Bliss) | Audio
The teeth of adversity grow directly behind the smile of fortune. (Needlework)
The Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue (Preface to Echoes of the Decalogue)
The universe turns (Dream)
The way of water (Ways)
The winter night droops down (Song of the Sick Minstrel)
The wise man advised his son: (Advice)
The world disappeared entirely (To Wake Up To) | Audio
The wren's prism throat (Haiku Poems)
There are no poems now (Columbus Day, 1980)
There can come a moment (Intermission)
There is a man (Man Walking)
There is a footless path (Seeking until Found)
There is a peace in the world of forms (Peace)
There is a sky (A Hidden Sky)
There was never a never (Together)
These scales tell tales of gravity (These Scales Tell Tales)
This afternoon in a chapel (Dove Missile)
This air is thin (Divinity)
This budding daffodil contains (Flower in Vase)
This cricket-filled night (Haiku Poems)
Those captivated by materialism (Material and Soul)
Three gingerbread men had a talk (Three Gingerbread Men)
Through my windows (Job Interview)
Through the train window (Commuting past the 'Hood) | Audio
thunderbolts today (thunderbolts today)
Tinnitus, like God (Hearing)
To calm a chaos or soothe an anger storm (An Inward East)
To take a perfect bolt (The Other Door)
To take what belongs to another (Eighth Commandment)
Today I opened (Beside the X) | Audio
Today is the ghost of the future's past (Spirits and Spooks) | Audio
Tonight at 10:30 I went out for (January Adagio)
Tonight the season (Here at the Close of Christmas Day) | Audio
tried to buy the sun (tried to buy the sun - haiga)
Tried to buy the Sun (Purchase)
Trouble at the trunk (Trouble at the trunk)
Try to force a flower (Effort)
Twinkle you don't (Muse on a Moonbeam)
Two couches (Homeglow after Visitors) | Audio


Uncle Bill's piano rolls mellowly along (Claire de Lune)
Undecimated by a new thousand (flow flows on) (Prayer for 2000) | Audio
Unfamiliar (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Unschooled in universities (A Flower for Manly P. Hall)
Up through city trees (Haiku Poems)
Uplifted tree roots (Haiku Poems)
Upside-down flowers (Night) | Audio


Virgin mountain bears (Seed Thoughts)
Voice of the Silence (Seed Thoughts)


Walking at night (Moon and Mars Conjunct)
Warm southerly breeze (Haiku Poems)
Watering the flowers (Suburban Reverie)
We are forever looking for love in our lives. (Where Is Love?)
We are murmurs we know nothing (Bunga Rucka) | Audio
We are sad (Taps)
We are sitting behind left field (Watching No Baseball)
We deeply offer our thanks (Table Grace)
We spend a few sunlit minutes by the river (River Pair)
We worked well together (Contemplating Shirley)
Weak of bone, old men (Haiku Poems)
Western glow fading (Haiku Poems)
Western glow fading (Haiga)
What could be so dark (Darkness)
What Is Doubt? (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
What Is Faith? (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
What is illusion (Howling at a Real Moon)
What is my primary motive as I make this decision? (Questions for Making a Decision)
What is this stillness in the stable? (Within Our Keep) | Audio
What lies ahead no human mind can know (What Lies Ahead)
What, to go out through the inside door (The Inside Door) | Audio
What you will possess (To Be a Butterfly)
When All Goes Well (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
When all the words are done (Three Root Words)
When certain folks (Friendlight)
When every somewhere (Quiet) | Audio
When fall falls in (Tilting)
When Hannah comes over to visit our place (Music from Hannah)
When I die, I will not die. (Death is Life Bursting into Bloom) | Audio
when I look you (seeing you) | Audio
When Mom sings me a melody (Lullaby)
When my cat lies down (Cat Lying Down)
When quiet has its way (Now, Sweet Now)
When someone first informed me that (Echoes of Earlville - essay form)
When someone first informed me that (Echoes of Earlville - poem form)
When the possible (The Middle Way)
When the storm comes (Storm)
When winter cracks open (Who Indeed?)
When you go for a walk (Bird Omens)
Where are all the little nothings (Another Dance)
Where Are We Going? (Thoughtlets for a Quiet Mood)
Where did we meet? (Release from the Known)
Where have all the Eggheads gone? (Dollar Dazzle)
Where have you been now, oh Patrick me boy (Welcoming Patrick Keith Harris)
Where I hurt, I grow. (Healing Meditation #2)
Where the crow twitters (The Cry of Everything)
Wherein does the heart (Electric Heart)
Who so deftly astounds (Whoever Built Chopin)
Who times Time and notes (Who times Time?)
Why build the Church cathedrals? (Divine Priorities)
Why I was angry matters not (Rolling with the Thunder)
Why more art? (An Apology for Art)
wild wind (Urges)
Windswept blades of grass (Haiku Poems)


Y'know, I'm into these lilac scents (Dudely May) | Audio
yellow-green this muted hour (July Brushstrokes)
Yes, no (Dilemma) | Audio
Yes, there is a Scrooge. (The Scrooge Before Christmas)
Yesterday the sun went down (Continuity)
You cry your first in your mother's arms (The Water)
You hurt and struggle. (Bittersweet)
You, sir, with triangular brace (To a Telephone Pole)
You really don't care (When You're in a Frump)
Young Aries climbs the virgin vernal sky (Another Sonnet to Another Spring)
Young, they left our homes. (Wounded Holidays) | Audio
Your gaze (Hot Date or Soul Mate?)
Your glance is beautiful (To My Wife)
Your neighbor's grass (Tenth Commandment)
You've played the organ and piano (An Instrument of Heaven)