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Alan Harris reading

Haiku Poems

by Alan Harris
Western glow fading--
   decrescendo of songbirds--
      stars surprise the eye.

Peach blossoms unfold
   new petals without hurry,
      knowing the sun waits.

My body is still;
   pilots must fly in airplanes
      and birds must use wings.

Feathers up for sleep,
   sparrows on wires chirp farewell
      to the dimming day.

Near tilted tombstones
   arthritic black oak branches
      finger the cold sky.

Seen through train windows,
   trees, like commuters, rush toward
      where they've always been.

Up through city trees
   a steeple stabs the blue sky
      with its metal cross.

Windswept blades of grass
   lightly brush the abbey wall;
      monks seek light within.

Opening lotus,
   pure white in morning sunlight--
      suddenly, a fly.

From the book Sparks from the Flame (1985)

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