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Alan Harris reading

Big Smile

by Alan Harris
Big Bang
is a fashion
of imposter

If true,
where did it
happen and
where were
all the other
wheres where it
didn't happen?

Simple theory,
it is,
reminiscent of
how each body
of us is a
big bang
out of
our mother.

Four questions:

Is all that exists
and all that insists

What universe
did our universe
outbang from?

Was there love

Was there wine
at a quarter till time?

Observers delight
to tinker with
hunks big and tiny,
but couldn't folks ask if
a grand benevolence
flowing beneath
and between
all hunkness
smiled atoms
into every allness,
big bang or no?

Could that Big Smile
be lightlessly glowing
through all times of time
as ungenesised Watcher,
bemused by
its cosmic clothing
behind screens
of stars?

The Big Bang's surmise
makes a neat stitch in time,
but the Big Smile
feels more like eternity.

From the book Just Below Now (2000)

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