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Alan Harris reading

Dudely May

by Alan Harris
Y'know, I'm into these lilac scents
And the birds that chirp and sing
Before the dawn in trees near the fence--
It's a totally awesome thing.

My vibes become, like, optimum
When the May air stirs my pad--
I'm clueless where that rush comes from
But it's totally, totally rad.

I groove with the falling of way cool rain,
And I dig (oh, wow!) the space
Of, like, thunderstorms (they fry my brain)
With subwoofer-quality bass.

Since the Dude laid down this happenin' season,
I'm thinking He must have meant it,
And if May should croak for any reason,
We'd have to, like, reinvent it.

From the book The Wheel of Yes (1995)

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