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Charles Albano

Charles Albano enjoys writing and views poetry as a direct yet "scenic" route to the essence of things. His poems take a variety of forms and their genre include romance, mystery, humor, science fiction, business, nature, love, family and spirituality. Last year he published his collected works in five volumes of poetry for adults and children. Read

April Ardis Anderson

April Ardis Anderson is a carbon-based college student windmill tilter and gregarious rapscallion enrapt in junk sculpture, theatre, ancient flicks, and attention-usurping parrots. Presently residing in Michigan. Read

Aaron Brauer

Aaron A. Brauer is a contractor who has spent his life in the Missouri Ozarks. He has been writing for many years, but until recently had kept his poetry mostly to himself. He is an avid outdoorsman, and much of his work centers on the natural world and its spiritual side. Read

Anne Bryant-Hamon

Anne Bryant-Hamon has adored poetry since childhood and has been published in both print and on-line poetry journals including Lucid Rhythms, 2River View, Yggdrazzil , Amazonian Mists, The Green Tricycle, Embracing the Child, Bumbershoot and others. Born in February, 1963 in Atlanta, GA, Anne now resides in Lynn Haven, FL with her husband of 25 years and three of their four children. Read

Janet M. Charter

For Janet M. Charter poetry has become a therapy to help sort her emotions. She has found that divorce isn't the end of her life, but a new path allowing growth as an individual. She has been writing poems for many years, but until now has not shared them. She has begun looking at writing some of them into lyrics, and picking up the guitar to write her own music. Read

Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark, an Illinois native, is a former sponsor of high school literary festivals and a retired teacher of composition, literature, speech, reading, and humanities. Also a former Sylvan Learning Center owner, she now divides her time between Illinois and a second home in eastern North Carolina. Read

Gary T. Czerwinski

Gary Czerwinski, a former English teacher in Indiana for twenty years, left his native state and profession to become a full-time artist. His paintings, photography, and original stained-glass works can be seen at his studio, 13 Hawks, in Douglas, Michigan. Read

Juanita DeHart

Juanita DeHart finds solace in reading, writing, musical expression, and Christ-centered prayer. Her poetry is a spiritual byproduct of contemplative exploration across past paths of pain and pleasure, into optimistic realms of positive possibility. Juanita's courage is enhanced by poetically encouraging others to participate. Read

Carol Desjarlais

Carol Desjarlais is a teacher who retrieves troubled youth, a counselor, a woman of Native American heritage, a soul seeker, the mother of seven and a sister of the earth. She writes for no other reason than to express how the world has affected, and affects, her. She has always been a writer. Her soul has had need of expression. The road of life is fraught with incidents of awe. That she might share her reactions to these moments with others is an honor she holds sacred. Read

Susan Eckenrode

Susan Eckenrode is primarily a homemaker and lives in Ohio with her husband and two cats. She is very new to poetry in every respect, having written her first in October of 2002 a few days after the unexpected death of her mother. What began as an aid through the healing process has become a passion. Her poems are mainly rhymed and metered forms with a few ventures into blank and free verse. Susan also enjoys gardening, interior design and landscape painting. Her husband is recently retired and they travel frequently to visit family and friends who are scattered throughout the USA. Read

Margarita Engle

Margarita Engle is a botanist and the Cuban-American author of several books about the island, most recently The Poet Slave of Cuba, a Biography of Juan Francisco Manzano (Henry Holt & Co., April, 2006). Short works appear in a wide variety of anthologies and journals, including Atlanta Review, California Quarterly, The Caribbean Writer, Hawai'i Pacific Review, and Nimrod. Awards include a Cintas Fellowship, a San Diego Book Award, and a 2005 Willow Review Poetry Award. Margarita lives in California, where she enjoys hiking and helping her husband with his volunteer work for a wilderness search-and-rescue dog training program. Read

Linda Etheridge

Linda Etheridge is a published writer--in a few Connecticut newspapers, on the Internet, and in poetry journals. When she was in high school, she won the Creative Writing Prize, and a second place in the New Milford Contest, among others. She has worked with philatelics, women's clothing (top of the line) and in data entry, and has been been published recently at "At Links with Poetry" (Poet's Spotlight), The Sunflower Dream, Write On, The Green Tricycle, The Poet's Cut, and Indie. She enjoys reading, art and its history, education (younger folks), and travel. Read

Sunita Fernandes

Sunita Fernandes is a software engineer living in Bangalore, India. She loves travelling, nature, music and theatre. She has been writing poetry since age 16. Her poetry is a mirror of her inner self and she writes when moved by intense passion on various themes, subjects and issues. Read

Tom H. Forbes

Tom H. Forbes is retired, and worked as a tobacco buyer for thirty years traveling the "tobacco road" from Florida to Canada. He spent Novembers and Decembers in Kentucky--the burley belt. He grew up the son of a sharecropper. From 12 till about 18, he worked on a dairy farm, setting for "The Girl In The Hayloft." His father was abusive, and "The Girl In The Hayloft" tells of his first kiss and his last beating. He began to write at an early age--teens--and found his time with words (reading and writing) spiritually comforting, perhaps his only tool of personal strength. In 1976, Lippincott published his novel Quincy's Harvest, 143 pages. The story there describes one of his many years spent as a sharecropper's son on a forty-acre tobacco, corn, and soybean farm. The book has been long out of print, but he searches and finds copies to buy back--he found one in England. On October 10, 2000, his dear wife Irene, of 24 years, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. Soon she had to have a feeding tube inserted under her lower left rib. On that day he began keeping a journal, "Irene's Night," recording each day's struggle against an unstoppable negative progression of her life. He was her sole caregiver, kept her in the home, held her hand at death. Their hell lasted two years and ten days. She was an artist--potter, painter, and poet. Tom is now polishing the journal and hopes someday to see it published. Often she wore a large, white T-shirt with bold, black letters: NO GUTS, NO STORY. She had guts, and by now he has spent three years telling her story. Read

Laryalee Fraser

Laryalee Fraser is a retired reporter/photographer, living in British Columbia. Writing poetry became part of the healing process after her husband's death in 2000, and she continues to enjoy the challenge, experimenting with digital art as an accompaniment to poems on her Web site. Gardening is another passion, giving her the chance to connect with nature while pondering those life questions that drift so close, yet always remain out of reach....
More of Laryalee's poetry can be seen at Soft Strokes. Read

Dana Geddis

Dana Geddis lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. By day she is a Director at a high-tech startup company, and by night she teaches Kundalini yoga, which she's studied for many years. She is a life-long student of eastern religions and mysticism and is fascinated with the connection between mysticism, art, and psychology. She loves poetry, especially Rilke and Mary Oliver, and if she could, she'd spend most of her time outdoors. She has a Master's degree in Philosophy and Religion from the California Insitute of Integral Studies. Read

Linda Dominique Grosvenor

Dominique has always used writing as a way of dealing with her teenage angst. In the summer of 2000 she will begin her limited booksigning tour for her 2nd novel Like Boogie On Tuesday. She is currently fine-tuning her long awaited collection of poetry titled Love Lingers, that will be available in December, 2000. She is looking forward to pursuing her MA in psychology and creative writing in 2001, and eventually teaching creative writing to college students. For fun she fiddles with her Web site. Read

Margaret L. Hall

Margaret L. Hall believes that to communicate, the writer must share the visions that dwell within the soul ... by transferring them to parchment, bringing on the emotions that make the words live ... thus, "images in thought" for the reader... She now resides in the beautiful Great Northwest, in Oregon, and finds peace in family, being a mother of three wonderful children. She answers to all elements in nature, and she teaches in metaphysics. She has been writing since childhood, and has written under the name of Rebecca Rose for some poetry groups. Read

Alan Harris

Alan Harris, co-editor of Heartplace and Garden of Grasses, enjoys picking up spiritual or psychological rocks and writing about what is seen squirming under them. An oft-tried optimist, he writes about the pain-chains of separative thought and the joys of light-following. He is a past president of the Illinois State Poetry Society. His literary Web site is An Everywhere Oasis. Read

Kevin Koh In-Chuen

Kevin Koh In-Chuen is a pragmatic-idealist and escapist-realist, writes on the crests of the paradoxes that ripple across the inner ocean of heart and mind. Read

John Irving

John Irving went to Viet Nam at twenty-one, flying Cobra attack helicopters. His wife's love and the passage of time finally soothed away the nightmares. In his twenties he flew throughout in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador and Bolivia, the Gulf of Mexico, California and Alaska. At thirty-one he became an airline captain and flew worldwide from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. When flying to Viet Nam brought back the nightmares, his psychiatrist said "write." Dozens of poems and John's autobiography are the result of that therapy. He is now the captain on an Arab head of state's Boeing 747-400. Read

Mike Jaycox

Mike Jaycox was born 5/29/60 into a family of twelve: one sister and ten brothers. He started writing at the age of sixteen. He graduated from Deerfield High School, Deerfield, Illinois in 1978, and graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Northern Illinois University in 1982. He was employed in Retail Management from 1982-1994, Retail Sales from 1995-1998, Outside Sales from 1998-2001, and Car Sales, 2001-present. He states: "I love what I'm doing. Most of all, I love my wife, Millisa. We first met 8/3/89 and married 8/3/91. She's a teacher of the Hearing Impaired with a tolerance and uncanny sense for understanding me; she reinspired my poetry. I have always loved Robert Frost; he is my favorite poet. Read

Cary Kelly

Cary Kelly is pawn to the toils of blue-collardom and is currently positioned in Pittsburgh PA. Chaperoned by an admiration for history's greatest masters of literature and poetry, he is ever-evolving and ever-striving to convey his visions into original works of art. Though his footprints in time may never impress as deeply as those who have passed before him, hopefully he will be able to look back and smile for where his footprints have been... Read

John Kent

John Kent is retired from a career in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He is a Marine combat veteran. He writes about war from a fighting man's perspective, and other subjects. Read

Daniah Lababidi

Daniah Lababidi is Syrian, raised in Africa. She is in her early 30s and has been writing poetry since the age of 12. After her father's death, poetry became the sole outlet for her. She poured her grief into it. It has always been her emotional pillar. Within it she can cry, love, hate, laugh. Her passion is writing poetry and reading romance novels. Read

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert, co-editor of Heartplace and Garden of Grasses, is a Jungian-based psychotherapist who has been writing poetry since 1992. In the past, she has done promotional writing in the fields of education and business. Read

Barry A. Lanier

Barry A. Lanieris a resident of Metter, Georgia, located in Southeast Georgia. He has worn many hats in his career from serving as a pharmacist, to farming, retail entrepreneur, insurance agent, to most recently a graduate student at his alma mater Georgia Southern University. Read

Janet Leonard

Janet Leonard is an elementary public school teacher living in the southeastern part of the USA. She is married and has three children. Writing has been a favorite pastime for her for many years. Quite often, family, nature, and children themes characterize her poetic verses. She also enjoys music, photography, and gardening. Read

Setiawati Lubis

Setiawati Lubis (F) of Indonesia has also written under the pseudonym of DarkEyes. Having written poetry only since March, 1997, she is learning as she writes, English not being her first language. She is in business. Read

Bill Marr

An engineer by profession, William Marr has published eleven volumes of poetry, ten of them in his native Chinese language, and several translations. His latest book, Autumn Window, is in English. His poems have appeared in over ninety anthologies and have been translated into several languages. He is a past president of the Illinois State Poetry Society. His art and poetry Web site is The Art World of William Marr. Read

Paul Meier

In his thirty-year career in the US and his native England, Paul Meier ( has worked as an actor, director, voice and speech instructor, and dialect coach in the theatre, in films, on the radio and on television. As a voice-over artist, Paul has been heard in national commercials and has also recorded classical texts like The Baghavad Gita and The Stanzas of Dzyan on cassette tape for the Theosophical Society in America. As an actor Paul has appeared in films, stage productions, and on over one hundred radio dramas with the BBC Drama Repertory Company. Paul is the founder and director of IDEA (International Dialects of English Archive), the world's first online archive of accent and dialect samples designed for theatre and film artists. He currently serves as Professor of Theatre and Film at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Read

Charlie Morgan

Rev. Charles Morgan is a Southern Baptist Minister who previously served in North Carolina. He now serves in New Hampshire and is Chaplain of his local American Legion Post. "Preacher," as he is known, writes verse "when God gives it to him." Read

Pat O'Hare

Pat O'Hare lives in Cochise County, Arizona and loves to write poetry as an adjunct to her short stories. Surrounded by mountains, dust, cactus and cattle, her heart is lifted by the natural world. A Gemini who began writing fifty years ago, she would like to have a book published, an anthology of her short stories, or one of her poety, but preferably not posthumously. Read

Clayton Parrish

Clayton Parrish is a 52-year-old (in 2004) self-employed dental technician/organic farmer who raised beef and high-tech (clones) trees. His education has come from many levels of study and experience. In his writings he tries to explore as many levels of the human experience as possible. Read

Clarence Pedersen

Clarence Pedersen is currently the President of the Theosophical Book Gift Institute. He is the former Publications Manager for the Theosophical Publishing House and in the 1970s served six years on the Board of Directors of the Theosophical Society (American Section). Read

Eunice Perkins

Eunice Perkins has been writing poetry since she was a child. She especially loves writing about nature. Marrying a fellow poet has been a great incentive to her. She has had pieces accepted by papers and magazines, on and off the net. She is also an artist and loves music. Read

Reason A. Poteet

Reason A. Poteet is a retired public school teacher (elementary) with hobbies of playing piano, reading (of course) and knitting/crocheting among others. She is mother of two, grandmother of two and her husband is also a former teacher, just retired last year. She started writing poetry in 2005 not knowing the friendships that would develop from sharing her work on the Internet. May God be praised. Read

Geneva Poynter

Geneva Poynter is a Christian, a wife, a mother and grandmother. She writes poetry as she is inspired by God. She has only been writing poetry a short time and is surprised by the inspirations that God gives. She likes to read others' poems and good books. She, with her husband of 47 years, is retired. Both of them keep busy with hobbies and Bible Study and the Seniors activities at their church. Life offers many opportunities to serve and help others. Poetry is one of those outreaches which speaks to many hearts. Read

Cynthia Proctor

Cynthia Proctor would like to leave a gift on earth, a doorway in time through written verse. Read

Janet Reid

Janet Reid is a mother of three active teens. She was born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada. She enjoys writing poetry as well as short stories and novels. She also enjoys oil painting, pencil sketching and photography. Read

Mick Ryan

Mick Ryan is a well-travelled teacher who has learnt far more than he's ever taught, thanks to all the special people who have crossed his path- he's currently pursuing his journey in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...where hectic days give way to peaceful nights when he often picks up his pen... Read

Larry Spirek

Larry Spirek, a biology teacher since 1965, retires in June, 2001. He is an outdoorsman by choice and someone who tries to see the whole picture. Read

Nicholas John Street

Nicholas John Street is an engineer from England. He is tentatively exploring creative abilities that were suspected of existing. He writes mostly from "here and now" experiences that have left a lasting impression. Read

Robert Lyle Temple

Bob Temple's sixth-grade teacher set up a contest wherein each student wrote a poem and the class voted on the best poem. Dickie won, but the teacher liked Bob's best. On a bus trip around Ireland the Guide set up a contest, offering a bottle of scotch for the best limerick. Bob's wife won the inch-high miniature bottle. In spite of these two setbacks, Bob has continued to write until this year he is collecting his stuff into fifty-page pamphlets, the first twenty-six of which will be identified with a letter of the alphabet, the latter six or seven with some yet-to-be-determined on-beyond-zebra sobriquet. He has published two of the many hundreds of poems, besides those in magazines of groups to which he has belonged; groups in which he has found many friends. He has taught high-school and middle-school English, French, Spanish, and Computer for forty years, retiring in 1992. Read

Gayle Watson

Gayle Watson is happily busy with family and fitness business in central Maine. She writes in her rare quiet moments and has only recently begun to share her writings. Read

Lucille Waters Younger

Lucille Waters Younger is a writer and poet who formerly lived in Chicago. Read

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