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Knowing Now

by Juanita DeHart
Today is beautiful so who can say
That yesterday's regrets should come to mind.
I'll bask before Sun's ray revolves away,
In all the light of Now my heart can find.

Tomorrow won't disturb Now's soothing calm
Which saturates the substance of my time.
Peace pours a pure and pleasurable balm
To signify that Now is most sublime.

Forgetting paths behind I'll lift my head
Allowing Now to lull me with its charms.
Won't render thoughts to unknown roads ahead,
Instead I'll rest in Now's alluring arms.

I wish I'd known Now's timely gift since birth;
The splendor of life's spontaneity.
None told I could behold Now's priceless worth
By noticing each moment's majesty.

Hindsight speaks clear, its echo sounds so wise;
While Foresight speaks of future's bright surprise,
But stillness helps me hear Now's timeless call
Which whispers, Make me matter most of all.

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