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A Thousand Wings Within

by Nicholas John Street
Silent watcher
In carven stone
Staring expressionless
Whilst aeons turn

Cloudless sky
Heavens collossal expanse
Effortlessly set aflame
The Sun enthroned in his Being

Shining undeviating light
With limitless patience
On a small stone figure
On blind stone eyes

Blind stone eyes
So long, waiting
Fixedly gaze
Where infinity converges

Drip !
Springs first thaw
From somewhere miles within
Death remembers life

Pinhole of light
Penetrates unseeing eyes
Eternal summer

Eternal joy
Eternal love
Eternal laughter

Spirit trapped in stone
Reaches to Spirit
Of limitless open skies
"Dissolve this fortress"

A prayer whispered
Without words
Without gesture
Without thought

The Infinite Spirit
Breathes gently
On a tiny figure
Of carven stone

The stone disperses
Like dandelion seeds
A thousand wings within
Fly free to spacious skies

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