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In Another Life

by Setiawati Lubis
They wonder why my teardrops fall
When I've a love that does enthrall;
Exquisite joy of love you've shown,
Yet sad to always be alone.

In crowds my eyes see but one face
There's simply none to take your place.
'Twas autumn in our lives we met,
We'd made our tracks, our plans were set.

And yet this love we can't deny;
The way we feel, that does imply
We should be one but know we can't,
Accepting what fate to us grant.

So in this land where dreams come true,
Where birds fly free and skies are blue,
We'll meet and speak, let our love grow
And pay no heed when teardrops flow.

One day, we'll meet again I'm sure;
A clear Spring day, the air so pure,
You'd look into my eyes and know
As skies with twinkling stars would glow.

With misty eyes we would embrace
And feel our love these woes erase.
There won't be teardrops in my heart
'Cause this time round, we'll never part.

Together, share our hopes and dreams
Fulfill our needs, our plans and schemes.
We shall be one and end this strife
Not now, but in another life.

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Copyright © 1997 by Setiawati Lubis. All rights reserved.