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Poems That Talk to You

Performed by Paul Meier, Brian J. Harris, & Alan Harris

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Backyard Magpie in Australia (mp3)
Father, How Can I Hear You?
Bunga Rucka

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A talking poem Of the 95 audio readings offered in this site, sixteen have been performed by Paul Meier (bio), who is a good friend, professional actor, and dialect coach. All readings are easily found in the Index of All Audio Readings. Paul's interpretations inject both energy and subtlety into the poems, and I'm very grateful to him for his time and effort in recording them.

For adventurous listeners, my son Brian J. Harris (bio) has composed, performed, and recorded a voice/percussion chant, Bunga Rucka, based on my 1995 poem of that same title. His recording is offered here in MP3 stereo as well as streaming RealAudio mono.

I have included my musical composition entitled Father, How Can I Hear You?, subtitled "A Song of Renewal," as performed by soprano Martha Baumann, alto Pat Lundy, and pianist Linda Harris (my wife).

There are 76 of my own readings within this audio section, and I'm grateful to Brian for operating his digital sound equipment to record them during several of my visits to his home in Arizona.

Click this to play RealAudio of "Homeglow After Visitors" reading
Waveform of Homeglow After Visitors reading

Index of All Audio Readings

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