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Selected Poems on Love - Compiled in 2002
Written by Alan Harris
between 1964 and 2002

Love is nearer than purest most.


This series of poems on love, friendship, and their complications is set up as if you were turning pages in a book. To proceed to the first poem, click the right arrow beside "Begin" or click here. On all subsequent pages you may click the left arrow to go back one poem or the right arrow to go forward. Notice that in the bottom left corner of each page you can click a drop-down box and go to any of the 37 poems in this series.
"You live within love always, but you can never find it, capture it, preserve it, or explain it--you might as well try to build a rose with a hammer and nails. Just wait, and listen, and watch, and work--and one day when the time is right, a rose appears on the bush. This rose is rooted in the cracks of the universe, and so is love, and so are you."   --from Where Is Love?
I hope you enjoy these offerings on poetry's oldest topic.


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