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Tropical Spring

by Sunita Fernandes

The Rain Tree has bloomed, heralding Spring.
Feathery pink blossoms stick out in stunning profusion
On every stem; every branch a gigantic bouquet.
Reaching out and upwards, straining for the silent sky,
They quietly sing Your glory.

Looking out of my second storey window at work,
I see a green carpet billowing in the soft breeze;
The top foliage of shady tropical trees.
Spring leaves in greens of every hue imaginable.
How many greens have you created in Green, Lord?

The flower-laden Jacaranda stands imperial,
Every bough heavy with misty lavender blooms.
New-born dragonflies suddenly burst into view,
Whizzing past each other with dizzy speed.
Miniature helicopters of nature.

Flowering Peltaphorum trees are over-whelmed by
Yellow flowers that wink and glitter on dark green branches.
At nighttime, under the orange neon lamppost,
I see fallen blossoms on the road. Some crushed, others
Golden stars sprinkled over black tarmac.

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