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This Morning's News

by Nancy Clark
Gray clouds withheld the sun, and gray as well

My thoughts, except to contemplate my eager

Puppy tugging on our early walk.

We passed each neighbor's house and greening lawn

And I, who now bring graying hair to spring,

Looked up to spy a neighbor; she, still clad

In soft pajamas and a robe, was in retreat

From someone else's door, and laughing said,

"Now Ive been seen--and one should not be caught!"

She toted in one arm her fluffy dog

And in the other cradled offerings

Of spring that piqued my dormant memory:

Of course, the first of May, May basket day!

Wallpaper-made cone shapes, all flower-filled

With treats tucked in, were waiting to be hung.

". . . and even though my children are long grown,

I do this still." She shoved one in my hand--

"For you!"--and hurried on, and in a blink

Those hopeful blossoms blasted gray away.

Awake! The May Queen, keeping custom, brings

Infusion to the heart--the gift of spring.

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