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Moonflower and seed pod


by Mary Lambert
How mysterious you are, Lovely One!
Full of contradiction behind your pure,
white bloom.

The ancient feminine evokes through
your closeted nature--her dusky stems
like cool arms, supporting her sacred

Her silken face, magnified by its singularity,
floats above the bounty of curvaceous vines
and dark, asymmetrical leaves.

Your scent hints of preternatural ecstasy;
and yet denies entry. A sacred domain
beckons those who understand the risk
of such entry.

And oh! So many secrets!

What jungle poison lurks there?

What treachery lies behind your powdered
smile and perfumed hollows?

How have you come to learn such artistry
and what is your intent?

How have you survived eons with such
silken, subtle lures?

What elixir permeates your perfume and why
is it shared only at night?

As I lift a leaf, I see the most precious under part--
a fiercely guarded womb which bespeaks a Warrior

Needles, surprisingly rigid, imbed your round
coffer, protecting your precious progeny.

Any entry here is illicit, paid in blood and writhing
pain--the hard coin of her eternal scorn for those
who disrespect and violate her body.

Hail, Sophia, Great Mother! Earth's womb.
Your bloom is richer because of the
contradictions that conceive it.
Its inner terrain is meant only for
adepts and initiates.

Guardian of Gaia, keeper of Nature's bounty and
wrath, forgive our ignorance and give us under-
standing of your life-giving Heart. Teach us
your language of scent and dusk and the loudness
of your silences.

Most of all give us joy in the rich weave of your
creations. Teach us to appreciate your bounty
and the implicitness of your wisdom. For without
these, we have no home, no planet and no life.


Above photo of moonflower used with permission
of Matthew Sleigh of B & T World Seeds, France

Datura (moonflower) information and sacred lore

Selection 5 of

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