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Farewell at the Sidewalk Cafe

by John Kent
Just beyond
the sidewalk picket fence
low and white,
city traffic agitates the air;
two coffees, cream
and caffeine beans;
we sit and talk.
The wide umbrella foils
an early evening sun.

Buses honk,
taxis dart...
like crazy gnats seeking hollows
of unwary ears.
We sit and sip, and talk
of yesterdays unfulfilled;
of promises inert
that lay like broken wings
upon the worn asphalt.

As silence falls upon our lips,
we filter memories,
dream tomorrows
and our separate ways.
On lonely nights and intervals
we sit and talk
here at the street cafe.
I yearn to stay but want to leave
and what of she?
She drums her fingers;
looks another way.

Once lovers; strangers
at this small cafe.
Uncertainty enfolds;
to let the failing flame expire
or bear the pain
of seeing her
once more turn away.
She doesn't know,
just friends...we can never be.

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