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Recent Ponderables

by Alan Harris

Matter veils spirit as daylight veils the stars.

Two axioms:
The atom is infinitely divisible.*
Oneness is infinitely aggregative.

*Paraphrased from H. P. Blavatsky

Life is approximate.

The law of track and caregiving:
when you jump one hurdle,
the next one is not far ahead.

Darn evil to heck.

Your body is clothing
for the soul that is you;
your house is a suitcase
for traveling through.

The thickest jungle to hack through is people's ulterior motives,
including one's own.

There are two sides to every coin, and there are far too many coins.

Life is wonderful, but it's awfully time-consuming.

Clichés certainly take it on the chin.

If you have a body, you'll be fine.
If you are your body, trouble ahead.

Was yesterday's forever a day longer than today's?

Dandelions bring comic relief to the more serious lawns.

You know it's going to be a bad day
when you look at the bathroom mirror
and there's nobody there.

Cities happen.

If it weren't for life,
a lot of things would be harder to do.

To learn what a penny is worth,
throw it away and list the things
you can no longer buy.

While some people search for the Holy Grail,
others search for a good buy on plastic cups.

Perhaps the airlines hire men
with deep, confident voices
and teach them how to fly.

Trusting the universe might be easier
if we could find it.

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