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Quality: 11 Glimpses

Seeing the Unseeable

by Alan Harris

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  1. Quality moves with motionless grace, rises to the depths, breathes our lives in and out, and slips easily through the walls of definitions.

  2. Quality can be found without seeking, and can be lost in the midst of formulas and goal-setting.

  3. Quality may brush the corner of your eye as you focus on something known and tangible.

  4. To recognize quality, even fleetingly, tinges your moment and aerates your mood.

  5. Quality may paint a hauntingly beautiful landscape within your vision, but seldom does it paint by numbers. Unaccountably, quality seeps between all digits like a fog drifting through a prison fence.

  6. Quality can push up through layers of logical mentation like a delicate flower blooming in a trash heap.

  7. Quality may sometimes be sensed, though not found, in the fine fuzz at the edge of a moving thought.

  8. If you are seeking quality, your quest may obscure it. If you are struggling toward a height from which you wish to emanate quality, your struggling may poison the emanations.

  9. Quality is seen not with the third eye, but with the one eye.

  10. Quality may surprise, like a graceful pirouette in the middle of a square dance.

  11. Quality eludes all of these words--and yet, and yet. . . .