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Questions for Making a Decision

Crossroads Considerations


by Alan Harris

  1. What is my primary motive as I make this decision?

  2. Will my decision cause benefits beyond myself and promote a wider good?

  3. Will my course of action unnecessarily diminish or hurt any person or group?

  4. Will the consequences of my decision be long-term or temporary?

  5. Will I be turning over control of my life to another person or agency?

  6. Will I be able to have the necessities of life?

  7. What sacrifices will I need to make, and what benefits outweigh these sacrifices?

  8. Whose strong influence am I feeling upon my decision, and shall I allow that?

  9. What is the worst result my decision can bring, and can I accept that?

  10. What safety net will I have if nothing goes as planned?

  11. Will high risk be offset by potential growth and deepening?

  12. When am I going to stop thinking about this decision and do something?